What team should I register my child for?

Teams are divided by birth year. Here is the breakdown of the teams for 2024-2025 by birth year.

Mites (8U) 2016-2020

Squirts (10U) 2014-2015

Peewee (12U) 2012-2013

Bantam (14U) 2010-2011

Girls 2005-2011

High School- Registered High School students

What are the registration costs and what does this include?

Program fees cover the costs to run the program, this includes

  • ice costs
  • tournament fees for up to 2 tournaments
  • game fees
  • referee costs
  • coaching expenses
  • equipment
  • other fees for the team

*If your team chooses to play in more than 2 tournaments, the tournament fee will be split and paid for by the team players.*

Registration fees for 2022-2023 Season

▪ Mites- $300 (per 10 Week Session) we offer a Fall and Winter session

▪ Squirts-$1300

▪ Peewee $1300

▪ Bantam-$1300

▪ Girls- $1300

▪ High School- TBA

Travel expenses are not covered in the program fees.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, an initial deposit will be required at the time of registration and the remaining fee amount will be divided into equal payments.

Are there scholarships available and what is the application process?

Yes, scholarships are available. Please see our scholarship page for more information.

Do we need to travel if we are on a team?

Yes, traveling is part of the 10U, 12U,14U, and girls programs. It is expected that players will travel with their team. If a player cannot travel to a game because of an injury, sickness, or other reason, please contact the coach asap.

How many hotel nights should I expect over the season?

You should expect a minimum 4 to 5 weekends away during the season. Most games will require two nights. Tournaments may require 3 nights.

Do we need to order team jerseys? How do we get our player number?

Players in the 8U program will be provided a practice jersey to use during the season. We will collect the jerseys at the last practice.

Players in the 10U, 12U, 14U programs will need to order their own jerseys through the team store. Jersey numbers are assigned. If you need your number please contact the DAYHA secretary. Players will need to order both home and away jerseys (Blue and White) as well as socks for home and away. Players should always have both colors on hand for all games. Expect to pay approximately $175-200 for a set of jerseys and socks. The team store is only open during specific dates. If you have questions regarding ordering, please reach out to your team manager.

Players in the Girls program . . . .

Players in the High School program. . . .

Tournament and game schedules

Games and Tournaments will be added to your team calendar in the fall and should be set by the first day of the season. Additional games may be added after this date at an additional cost. Watch for emails from your team manager for any additions and/or changes.


Tryouts establish rosters to start the season. It is at the director and coaches discretion to move players throughout the season, if needed, in either direction. Players who register after official registration has been closed will need to schedule an on-ice evaluation with the Hockey Director prior to being rostered to a team.


DAYHA encourages that each family volunteers 10 hours each season. There are many ways to volunteer for DAYHA including at events, during the season at practices and games, at fundraising events and more.

Here are some ways that you can volunteer for DAYHA:

Paul O’Neil Golf Tournament

This is our largest fundraising event. We need volunteers to help with getting donations, sponsorships and golf teams prior to the event. We also need help the day of the event with set up, during the event and break down. If you are interested in helping contact Khristie Griswold at presdayha@gmail.com

Pre-Season/Post Season Clinics

Help with check-in during our pre-season clinics & post season clinics. (1/2 hour per session)


● Locker room attendant (must be Safesport certified)

Home Games

● Score keeper

● Timekeeper

● Penalty Box (must be Safesport certified)

● Locker room attendant (must be Safesport certified)

● Rink clean-up

Away games

● Penalty Box (must be Safesport certified)

● Timekeeper

● Locker room attendant (must be Safesport certified)

Chapman Hill Ice Rink

Who operates the rink?

The rink is operated by the City of Durango. DAYHA is a separate organization from the rink and rents the ice from the City of Durango for all practices, games and events. We work with the City to arrange ice time each season. Time is based on what the City has available for DAYHA to use.

Why do we not have year-round Ice?

The rink does not currently have the capacity to have full time, year-round ice.

Why is there not a City Recreational Hockey Program?

The city and DAYHA collaborated as a group and decided that DAYHA would lead the Hockey program in 2021. DAYHA operates all hockey programs from Mites through Bantam. High School hockey is under CHSAA and is organized by a cooperative partnership between Durango High School and DAYHA.

Chapman Hill Staff Contact:

Matt Nimetz- Rink Director



DAYHA Board of Directors

How many board members does DAYHA have and who are they?

For the current 2024-2025 season we have 8 voting members. Board members and their positions are listed on our website here.

How do the board members elected?

Board members are voted in by the membership in the spring. Interested candidates can apply to be put on the ballot in March by sending an interest letter to the DAYHA Secretary.

How long are the board terms?

A board member serves 2 years and can go up for re-election for another 2 year term.

When are the board meetings?

The board meets once a month all year long. The meetings are posted on our website at www.durangohockey.org on the calendar.

Can non-board members attend these meetings?

Yes, the board meetings are open to all members. We allow time at the beginning of the meeting for introduction for guests to the meeting. Guests can speak during the open comment period during the meeting. If you have an issue, project, idea that you would like to address at a board meeting, please email the secretary to be put on the agenda in advance.

How can I communicate with a board member?

All emails for the board members are listed on the website here.

Coaching Questions

If I have a question or concern, who should I contact?

If there is an issue with a coach or a player, this should be sent to the director via email and only after a 24 hour waiting period. The issue should only be addressed with the director, the family involved, and a board president may be copied for reference.


How do I find out who our coach is for the season?

Coaches will be listed on the DAYHA website under each team with their contact information.


DAYHA is committed to sending out monthly emails to keep our members informed. Please watch for these each month.

Each team will also have a Team Manager, who will communicate by email and Crossbar App.

Our website www.durangohockey.org has all the program information you need. The calendar will list all the games, schedule and other important dates. You can also find a specific schedule by going to the team tab and selecting your player's team.

If you have a problem, concern, or issues with the DAYHA Director, board member, coach or any other DAYHA issue, please communicate directly with the board president. These concerns must be handled in a professional manner and should be addressed directly by the board. These concerns should not be publicly addressed to other members through mass emails or use of team apps.

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